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GPs allowed to close on day of Queen's funeral

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Content summary:But NHS bosses must make sure out-of-hours service is available and care home Covid boosters to continue. to

NHS bosses have been told to make sure patients can access care if GPs close on the day of the Queen's funeral.

NHS England has written to local bosses saying while GP services will be able to close on the bank holiday there needs to be enough out-of-hours care.

The letter also asked for scheduled Covid booster care home visits to be carried out as planned.

In another letter to hospitals NHS England said it expected a rise in patients not turning up for clinics.

There have been reports of some hospitals in England and other parts of the UK cancelling routine treatments due to take place on the day of the funeral too.

The letter to hospitals, signed by NHS England's chief operating officer Sir David Sloman, said NHS trusts should also have a method to identify overseas visitors and have plans to manage them and make sure they are charged "appropriately".

The letter addressing GP access, signed by NHS England's director of primary care Dr Ursula Montgomery, said GP practices would be contractually able to close their core services on Monday as it is a confirmed bank holiday.

But it added local health boards would need to "urgently work to ensure sufficient out-of-hours services capacity is in place".

The letter also said areas should look at rescheduling cancelled appointments and making sure patients can pick up prescriptions in advance.

Health bosses will also need to work with dentists so patients can access urgent dental care and medicines, it added.

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